To All The World A Taxi Driver

The tarmac was blazing hot. Nadir carried his flight helmet under one arm. The wind came in from the desert North-Northeast, light cumulus clouds on the horizon South. It was 1979. The Shah was dead. When a leader forgets the people, it never lasts long. Even at 26 years of age Nadir understood this

Yes, That Girl

On the reservation when I was a little girl, my mother put me in charge of a flock of sheep. I didn’t like it. At school, they teased and called me Bo Peep and pulled my hair. I don’t even want to think of it

Purple Hippo

Be it near or in a land far, far, away – be it short or long ago as once ever was, Purple Hippo grew bored with the generous circumference of her purple-ness. Therefore and by second-day free shipping, she caused many packages to arrive at the door.

Lizard's Pocket Calculator

Lizard armed himself with a pocket calculator.

Instinctively he knew the need of some advantage in life. And, he slept that night with the brushed metal face of his newfound strength held dearly to his breast.