Lizard's Pocket Calculator

Lizard armed himself with a pocket calculator.

Instinctively he knew the need of some advantage in life. And, he slept that night with the brushed metal face of his newfound strength held dearly to his breast.

Dreams danced the light fantastic over pressing and dire problems one by one dispelled with deft taps upon his trusty calculator. In his sleep, the corners of his mouth curled upward. He was happy.

I mentioned he knew the want instinctively for an advantage in life, that is not to say he consciously knew. Conscious self-awareness stands in the way of instinct, blocking it at the gate – “Your passport, please.” But, Lizard was young yet and truly instinctive as a nest of sea turtles hatching on a sandy shore.

1+1=2, 2+2=4, … (8%×5)÷2=0.2, – pure fascination!

All the next day, he practiced tapping numbers in and observing the arcane magic of unhesitating and marvelous preciseness for answer.

By this point, you might yawn for young Lizard’s career and say it remains that only after much practice and some maturity of years, shed of first-skin and the milk tooth of instinct before his scales will ever glitter in the sun with unerring, calculating, purpose.

But, like the swift shadow of a hawk passing over the sand, Lizard has some adventures of his very own ahead all the same.